What Makes Us Great

Our services are designed to deliver a cost-effective solution for hosting your IT infrastructure within a highly secure and reliable environment.

Cloud, Hosting & Dedicated Servers
Network & Connectivity
Device Management
Smart Hands
Managed Services

What We Do Best

Our Core Services

Smart Hands

Deploying resources to site to perform planned or unplanned maintenance work can be inconvenient and costly. To help support the day-to-day operations of your hosted equipment, and therefore your business, we offer a comprehensive support service covering the management of onsite tasks, procedures, and fault reporting.
– Resetting/Rebooting Hardware
– Cable Tracing and Management
– Swap-Out Faulty Components
– Hardware Inspections
– Circuit Patch Lead Management
– Remote Connections

Device Management

We ensure the right devices are with the right users, and that they consistently deliver the required functionality to maximise your return on investment. We take responsibility for devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, from procurement to eventual disposal, and all the stages in between.
– Procurement
– Build and Configure
– Deploy and Manage
– Refresh and Upgrade
– Redeploy and Retire

Cloud, Hosting & Dedicated Servers

Our Cloud, Hosting and Dedicated Servers are designed to improve on the quality service and support offered by many leading providers. We host the fastest Dedicated Servers available on the market today. We work with industry leading vendors to offer robust and reliable technologies, proven to meet the challenges of increasing workloads and system demands, for today and the future. Our expert provisioning and support teams can have your solution built and online, within 24 hours.
– Enterprise Class Servers
– Industry Leading Vendors
– Rapid Deployment
– 24/7/365 Support

Managed Services

Our professional services team can design and implement a solution, and have the skills, resource and experience required to manage it as a service that can always be relied on to maximise ROI and minimise risk. As nothing in business stays still for long, we are also proud of our ability to support you on your long-term journey to meet your current and future needs.
– Remote Monitoring
– Systems Management
– Professional Services
– Training


Our London Data Centre offers a prime location for hosting your critical infrastructure and services. Flexible solutions allow for the right-size service to be built specifically for your needs. All our colocation footprints are housed within our secure Cold Aisle Containment systems, with dual power feeds as standard and are energised with intelligent RPDU’s for enhanced support and reporting.
– Single U Spaces (up to 5U)
– Private Quarter Racks (10U)
– Private Half Racks (22U)
– Private Full Racks (48U)
– Bespoke Private Suites
– Cold Aisle Containment
– Dual Power Feeds

Network And Connectivity

We take responsibility for designing, implementing, and maintaining connectivity across your estate. Whether within offices, or between offices and third-party Data Centres, our highly experienced team can design, deploy, monitor, manage and refresh some or all the connectivity infrastructure your organisation requires to be effective.
– MPLS Network
– Cloud Connectivity
– LAN/WAN/Wireless
– Direct Connection to Telehouse Complex in London Docklands
– Direct Connection to Equinix Campus in Slough
– Capability to reach Data Centres throughout the US and mainland Europe